Academic Impact


United Nations Academic Impact: George Mason University was a founding member of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), a part of the UN’s Outreach Division of the Department of Public Information, launched in November 2010.

The goal is for higher education institutions and affiliated institutions of higher education to work together with  linking scholarship, research and action, especially relating to the post-2015 Sustainability Development Goals.

Today, UNAI has over one thousand universities from around the world working together to support and actively advance at least one of UNAI’s ten principles.

George Mason University is proud to be the host the hub to explore and promote the principle of “Higher education.”


“By sharing ideas, across borders and disciplines, we can find solutions to the  interconnected problems that cause so much suffering.  Climate change is not just an environmental threat, it is closely tied to poverty.  Poverty is not just about jobs, it is directly related to food security.  Food security has an impact on health.  Health affects generations of children.  Children hold the key to our future.  And education can lead to progress on all these fronts.”        United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon